How to train?

If your child is 5,5 – 6 years old, and he still can not read, write or count, the maximum that you can do to prepare it for emergency school – is to master the program “” TRIZfges “(TRIZ for the general education system ).


Doing this program, as well as all other necessary daily against the backdrop of positive emotions, opening materials navigator left to right, top to bottom. Songs slogopesni, poetry, tongue twisters learn by heart, to recite (sing) loudly. Knowledge Base to view the complete assimilation, letters, words, semantic series register until automatism. Positive emotions provides suppression of the Oedipus complex (Electra complex), the right motivation and reward system.

If your child is between 4 and 5 years, we recommend the program “TRIZcildren” late start. Then it will be no problem to learn in elementary school.



If your child is 2 years, that he still has the ability to master the program “TRIZtoddlers” and the program “TRIZcildren” early start, and then the program “TRIZjuniors” and perhaps you will be able to generate from a creative person.


And if your child is just born or the year yet, you will have time with him take the full course of the program “Bakalibriki” (from TRIZbabes to TRIZjuniors) and guaranteed form of a creator.


It is best to drive the child to weekly classes at the center of “Bakalibriki” or one of the branches. If your city (another village) is not our branch, you can pass a 32 hour training course TRIZ teachers and competently train and educate their child, or even open our branch and teach other children.

Time students:

After the successful completion of the course “TRIZbabes” the student’s parents send video footage in which the child tells anyone verse Agnes Barto (you can with tips parent) perform any task on the GMS, the development of imagination, logic, reading of two-digit numbers, and reading the three-letter words, pay a fee of 500 rubles and receive a certificate of TRIZbaby:

The student goes to the development of the program “TRIZtoddlers” early start.

After the successful completion of the course “TRIZunki” taking tests internally or Skype and pay a fee of 1,000 rubles a student receives a certificate of TRIZtoddler:

and proceeds to the development program “TRIZcildren” early start, after which, taking tests, and pay a fee of 1,000 rubles, will receive a certificate of TRIZcild:

and proceeds to the development program “TRIZjuniors.”
Having successfully mastered the program “TRIZjunior”, the student receives a certificate TRIZayki, chooses a chair like and appointed its head.

Head of the Department must conduct at least three events (contests) a year and actively participate in competitions organized by other departments, to build a business plan for their profile department, start preparing the implementation of the business project. Once a student to earn the first $ 1,000 for their project, it is given the title of “TRIZ-profi”.