Our standards

The text of approved standards in the TRIZ pedagogy (download).

The purpose of the standards – to ensure a high quality of teaching TRIZ TRIZ pedagogy protection against tampering and deviations.

 POSTULATES Samara version TRIZ-pedagogy:

1. Education should be aimed at training generalists who know everything and can do everything.

2. Education should begin at an early age (the sooner the better) and ends at 6 - 13 years.

3. Specialization happens by itself. The choice of specialty does the student himself.

4. Training is done with maximum speed, straight to the result.

5. The training program should be constantly updated and supplemented.

6. Study groups should be small (less is better) to take into account the individual characteristics of the child.

7. TRIZ-teacher must himself be a universal creative.

8. A child should receive only high-quality information.

9. All the fundamental knowledge one should get up to 6 years old, still in kindergarten.

10. The main focus of TRIZ pedagogy should be the development of methods for the full design process (FDP), as a creative person does exactly knowledge of methods of design.

Тhe quality of information сriteria:

1. The feasibility.

2. Truth.

3. Opportuneness.

4. Completeness.

5. Clear.

6. Algorithmic.